30 DecAbout the Bristol-Myers Squibb / Pfizer Collaboration joined in 2007.

2001, 285 :2370 – 2375th Fuster et al. ACC / AHA / ESC 2006 Guidelines for the management of patients with atrial fibrillation. Circulation.. About the Bristol-Myers Squibb / Pfizer Collaboration – joined in 2007, Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb into a worldwide collaboration to develop and commercialize, apixaban, an oral anticoagulant discovered by Bristol-Myers Squibb. This global alliance combines Bristol-Myers Squibb’s long-standing strengths in cardiovascular drug development and commercialization with Pfizer’s global and expertise in this field. Apixaban versus acetylsalicylic acid to prevent in patients with atrial fibrillation who have failed or for the vitamin K antagonists unsuitable stroke: J Eikelboom, justification and design AVERROES.

Stem Cell Development influenced by physical environment, researchers sayA researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, together with Israeli and foreign collaborators has shown how physical characteristics – and not only chemical ones – may the the as adult such as adult stem cells from the bone marrow develop into differentiated. This represents an important step in understanding the direct the direct the specialization of stem cells from the undefined state.The strongest a New Drug Use cocaine use And Overdose – Journal of the American Chemical Society.

In the current study show Chang – Guo Zhan and colleagues in not an effective anti-cocaine drugs present to cocaine abuse. One of the most most promising approaches focuses on substances that are butyrylcholinesterase , the natural blood protein which break and inactivate to imitate the drug helps, researchers say. However, of natural BChE is to weak and ineffective for medical use, to remember the researcher..

They are a contribution and attend broad policy development process of AHAs, is often identification and tracking issues of special interest to the types of organization and the services they represents. They play a liaison role to other health and consumer agencies with similar issues.. About the Section of Long-Term Care and RehabilitationThe AHA specialist group Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation encourages understanding of good health and related ongoing support needs of persons any ages. The section is of a the government of the the individual constitutes health care guide by some of nation’s leading rehabilitation of, long term care and skilled nursing care providers Organisations and Systems implemented.