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02 MayRichard Besser.

Very good but Hurricane Katrina Response Time report is to use the analysis to improve the readiness, officials say Corrective Action Plan CDC developed in the corrective action plan corrective action plan the problems the problems mentioned in the report addresses and 80 percent percent percent This plan, Richard Besser, head of the coordination Centre for CDC terrorism preparedness and emergency response, as part of the corrective plan, ‘Incident action Plans are now the norm for the CDC emergency ‘, according to the CDC article.

Study on Obesity in youth and young adults examine disabledWhile the nation obesity epidemic is the goal of many programs to fight, embrace some such programs an often overlooked subgroup – adolescents and young adults with physical or cognitive impairments. – ‘There is a higher rate of obesity in this population,’says James Rimmer, professor of disability and human development at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and disability specialists need much more about the causes and consequences of this significant health risk know. Read more…

02 MayThroughout the country.

Throughout the country. In the UK Unaware you have type 2 diabetesMore than one million people in the UK are now thought to have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes, double the previous estimate .New figures from Diabetes Health Intelligence, a strategic program of Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Observatory, suggest 820,000 adults in England do not diagnosed with diabetes. Based on this model, Diabetes UK estimates that the number rises to just over a million , when applied the United Kingdom and we could see the whole UK diabetes population will reach 5.5 million in 2030. Really alarming.

Phase 2 proof-of-concept trial resultsIn the Phase 2 GATTEX proof-of-concept study, by subcutaneous injection by subcutaneous injection for 21 days to 16 patients with SBS. Three patients were 0.03 mg / kg / day, ten patients received 0.10 mg / kg / day, and three patients received 0.15 mg / kg / day. The results of the Phase 2 study showed that GATTEX resulted safe and well tolerated, intestinal epithelial and was significantly increased intestinal absorption and body weight on parenteral nutrition – dependent SBS patients. Read more…

01 MayWithout the risk increases to skin cancer.

Today our released released new guidelines on how much sun Australians need vitamin D to keep to good health, without the risk increases to skin cancer, Professor Olver said.

UV radiation is higher in northern Australia, as in Queensland, the Northerrn Territory and some parts of Western Australia, sunscreen all year round is necessary in the UV peak. Read more…