18 Jan10-point checklist from eHealthInsurance eHealthInsurance.

10-point checklist from eHealthInsurance eHealthInsurance , the leading online way to obtain health insurance for folks, families and smaller businesses, today, released a 10-point checklist to help employees make informed decisions about medical health insurance through the traditional annual open up enrollment period. Employer health care benefits might change from year to year, and in the current tough economy, employees may end up footing more of the costs through higher contributions to group programs, or through more concealed costs such as for example higher co-pays, deductibles and various other plan benefits which can be re-negotiated by your company.The awards will end up being presented during a banquet reception on Saturday, 30 April, 2011, at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers. Two prestigious sets of awards will be presented-the William P. Potsic Basic Science Award to find the best basic research research paper, and the Charles F. Ferguson Clinical Analysis Award, for the best clinical analysis paper. 2011 William P. Potsic Basic Science Award Honoree: 1st Place Yuemeng Dai, MD, PhD Enos Protein Expression is Decreased in Involuting Hemangiomas 2011 Charles F.